Sun Tzu on Strategy and Tactics

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Proven actions CEOs can take to realistically lift sales ... today ... and over time.

1. Review: Your BUSINESS STRATEGY ... With a trusted and objective outsider.

2. Remember: Even your "Dedicated" Sales Force is ONLY SELLING ... about 5% of the time. (The  other 95% is WASTED ... e.g. Cold Calling, hanging out at trade shows, etc.

3. Shift at least 50% of your "SALES" Budget to training and rewarding  your CUSTOMER SUPPORT people who are actually SELLING about 95% of the time ... THEY are Dealing with OBJECTIONS ... which is the ONLY time ANY one of us is actually SELLING! ***

See: Details, sales-types chart and "proofs" further down this page and across this site.

Two (2) Things an Owner or CFO can do to improve sales and increase profits 1. Track all leads to see which ones result in a sale. (By number and %) 2. Look at every customer purchase and determine profit or loss in past If your company is typical (e.g. Sales prices of $100K and up) this is doable easily. Most find that ONLY 20% of all customers are actually profitable over time!

THEN analyze where to make changes increase the % of PROFITABLE Customers.

e.g. You could spend perhaps $20K to motivate / "re-train" your "dedicated sales force" or ... Could generate some worthwhile gains .. perhaps 10% ... or 

You could spend that same amount of money on "Educating and Motivating" your "
Non-Sales (aka Customer Support) people ... and gain a 10X R.O.I.

Your need NOT be limited, "Isolated or "Quaranteed" by poor sales or existing customers who are not well "Supported" and thus do not enter a 2nd or 3rd repeat order - where the BIG PROFITS reside and become ongoing higher profits.

I can help you and your peopole do either (1) or (2) ... some combination of both to dramatically lower your stress and lift your profits.  Remember: Once we educate your Customer Support Staff ... they become: "Self-Motivated" "Customer Magnets"! 

95% of ALL the time and money you spend on "SALES" is WASTED!

Most Owners and CEOs spend too much time and money trying to improve 
their "DEDICATED" "SALES" Force .

95% of everything you have ever read or been taught about "Sales" ... is JUST B.S.! 

Go to my [7 Sales Types] tab and check out my copyrighted "CHART" right now;  spend a solid few minutes just thinking about it; I promise that you will NEVER think about SALES the same way again! (Tip: If you like Al Paccino, the movie Glenn Gary/ Glen Ross is one you will love it for the actors ... and HATE it for the INSANITY of wasting time and money and moral engergy ... just trying to CON people!)

Work your way slowly down to the bottom line ... of my" 7 Sales Types" Chart and give some SERIOUS THOUGHT TO: CON ARTISTS PEDDLING SWAMP LAND!

Is YOUR company paying bonuses for negative and unprofitable behaviour?

Are associates / employees being neglected ... when they could improve your sales and profits ... by NOT Selling?

Have a comment, thought or question?: Send me an email.


SELLING is what we do only AFTER someone says: "NO!"

MARKETING ... is everything we do BEFORE someone says: "NO!"

Even Highly-Paid and Competent Sales People ...

Are only "SELLING" about 5% of the time ... the rest of their time is either "Marketing" hand-holding or expensive overhead. While ALL of this is necessary, the ONLY way an Owner or CEO can increase TRUE SALES (aka Deliverable Orders from Paying Customers) is to increase that 5% number.

Your "Customer-Support" people on the phones and front lines ...

When Trained, Allowed, Empowered to actually solve Customer Problems ... are "SELLING" about 50-70% of the time. So you might want to ask yourself: WHERE you can get the most gain when spending Salary, Bonus, Training Dollars!

Engineering, Marketing and Customer Engagement for 39 Years Business-Strategic Consulting for Owners and CEOs for

40 Years Hands-on Hi-Tech Engineering, Marketing & Customer Optimization

20 Of Them Strategizing Directly with Cognizant Owners & CEOs

Gaining, Retaining and Sometimes Re-Gaining


Uniform Fee Schedule:

No-Charge Initial Phone Consultation: Pro Bono *

* Email to Arrange (Private & Confidential)

Follow-On Phone Consultation (Automatic Non-Disclosure): $150 Per Hour

Prepaid Monthly Retainer: 10 - Hour Unit: $1,250




Sales Tip: Always frame questions so it is easy for your prospect or customer to say: "NO!"


Trial Question: How is your new $2M XYZ working for you?

Answer: It's OK

Key Follow-Up: (Addressing the "Hidden NO!") Just OK? ... 

... Is it paying for itself ... are you happy?

... Do you want to buy another one? 

Typical Answer to a strong probing is: "NO!"



When a "Marketing Campaign" is NOT working, it means a lot of "Prospects" are effectively saying: "NO!" to your "Message"

For an Unusual Overview of "Professional Sales" VS. Peddling or Worse ...

* Click Now on the 7 "Sales" Types Tab above for a whole new outlook on the immediate Advantages of Profitable Professional Sales.

Effective Sales and Operations Information for SMB Owners & CEOs

John Schuler is the Founder of OEM Solutions Group and the Chief Sales & Operations Strategist Advising Firms who profit by competing successfully in the Shadows of Large Corporations.

For Small and Medium Companies today, having PROFITABLE Customers is Crucial.

The CARE and FEEDING of PROFITABLE Customers is far too important to be left to just a handful of people in your "Sales and Marketing Group". It is imperative that every person in your company is educated and "buys into" the CARE and FEEDING of PROFITABLE Customers. John can help you do just that ... and you wil spend far less than the "Traditional" way of "Selling"

Read down at this and other pages at this site for the free information will introduce you to the Concept, Understanding and implementation of "Non-Sales". 


This Page is Deep! You can Scroll Down for Pro Bono, Empirically-Proven Tips and Counter-Intuitive Concepts that will Improve Your Operations, Lift Your Profits and Increase the Fun Factor for You and Everyone in Your Company.

John Clifford Schuler is a Business-Strategy Consulant with 30+ Years Experience in Engineering, Marketing and Sales across Europe and the U.S. ; he now works with CEOs and Owners across the USA to improve Strategy, Operations, Customer Relations ... and Profits.

Mostly by Phone and Email ... On Your Site or Your Customer's Site when needed.



To schedule a Confidential 30-Minute Free Initial Consultation via phone ... at no charge ... send and email to:

Partial List of SERVICES:


Strategy Review - to Optimize Your Goals, Plans and Tactics

Optimized Sales Training for Your Direct Sales Force

"Non-Sales" Training - For all "Customer-Facing" and Support Personnel ... to Optimize Profitable-Customer Acquisition and Retention

** Management and Profit Aspects of "Sales" for Your Entire Staff

** Customer Interface Goals and Techniques: Traning for Associates across Your Entire Company. (From the Front Desk to the Shipping Dock)

** Lost-Customer Analysis / Account Recovery - Strategize with you, your Staff and your Key -Accounnt Manager to placate and regain an imortant "Lost" Client / Account that is Critical to Your Continued Success!


I'graph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your visitors know a little more about you.



MARKETING includes all the things we do BEFORE any feedback of any sort from Propects or Customers!

SELLING is what is done ONLY AFTER a viable Prospect or Customer says: "NO!"


Example: Cars are Marketed and purchased IN SPITE of the Dealer or Used-Car-Lot "Sales" Persons; they are almost NEVER SOLD!

Some Peddling might go on, but real selling (addressing an objection intelligently) almost never happens; just discounts given ... or not!

For any small company to compete against a large corporation it must have an intelligent, well-trained and well-meaning sales force ... peferably company-wide.

For a free copy John's "7 'Sales' Types" Chart ... From

(1) Professional Hi-Tech Sales to

(7) Con Artists Peddling Swamp Land to unsuspecting "Suckers" ...

Send an email to:

Put the word "Chart" in your Subject Line.

The Chart incorporates decades of complex hi-ticket selling to demanding clients; it will blow your mind ... even if you have been in "Sales" for years.

Please Note: This page is "deep" ... take a moment to scroll down to appreciate more realistic and hard-hitting content.








As Your Intelligent, Effective and Unbiased

Success Consigliere!

John Will Show You How!


Your Affordable & Effective Consigliere!

With a few decades of successful hands-on Experiience in Europe and The USA, here are just 7 of the Proven & Helpful Things John can do for you, your people and your company to increase profits, professionalism and enjoyment across your entire enterprise.

As a Technician, Engineer and Sales person ... then as a VP with a NYSE-listed firm, I understand and empathize with the many challenges faced by companies small and large ... and how things affect you, your people and your customers on a daily basis, esp.  in an extremely competive environment! The Selected 7 you might appreciate.

1. Write Proposals & Technical Papers that "Sell" / Teach Your People to do it.

2. Improve your Sales Force / Show Your Staff how to implement sustainable change.

3. Regain a Customer / Teach Your People how to do it.

4. Motivate Your "Non-Sales" People to "Non-Sell"  / Show Your Staff how to sustain it.

5. Teach / Motivate your Dedicated Sales Force how to Increase PROFITABLE SALES

6. Teach your Marketing People (and your staff) how to Track Leads that Become Profits

7. Help you quickly benefit from the above, plus more ... affordably & pleasantly!

Direct Communication Builds Trust and Improves Strategies, Profits and Mutual Enjoyment.

As your Personal Consigliere, John can show you and your staff to set clear goals and an affordable reward system to ensure immediate and sustainable success.

For OWNERS & CEOs ... No Chatbot Needed.

We can initially "Chat" via email ... NO CHARGE

Email your  comment or question about your challenges, strategies and plans in Strict Confidence.

A Pro Bono Initial Phone Consultaion followup is then available ... Always Completely Confidential!



TIP! ... To Double Profitable Sales ... Cut your "Dedicated" Sales Force Costs in Half ... Then share half of that ... across your entire company! ... You still gain a net +25%

Bottom Line: Better Performance Happier People ... Better Customers!

Immediately Lower Your Costs, then Rapidly Increase Your Profits by DECREASING the Size of your Dedicated Sales Force ... I will show you how to change the Pay Scales and Incentives of ALL your People ... from Your Front Desk to Your Shipping Dock ... Including Your Staff & Your Marketing Group. No matter the size of your company.

You will pay out the same or less each month, but your Profitable Sales and Margins will rise DRAMATICALLY.

Send John an Email to arrange a Free ProBono Phone Consultation:

Your Pro Bono Consigliere ... Will help you Optimize Your Strategy For Success!


You do not need to be making critical decisions alone; take advantage of John's  40+ years in Engineering, Sales, Operations and Hands-On Analysis and Improvements ... Across Europe and the USA for firms large and small.


John is available today to help Company CEOs and Owners across the USA by Phone and Email ... To Optimize Your Strategy, Increase Your Margins, Lift Your Profits and Expand Your Personal and Business Well-Being.


Free & Confidential Answers (1 in 2018, up to 3 in 2019) Grounded in Logic, Intelligence, Experience and Empathy.


Email me today with any question you might have; optionally, we can also arrange a no-charge intial phone conversation.  Wholly Confidential, Automatic Non-Disclosure, No Obligation, No Charge!.


Companies and Organizations in Oregon & Washington are especially fortunate, because ... John is also available on your site ... for you, your staff, a seminar for all your people.


For any pupose that will help you to reach your goal. For private discussion, strategy and tactics review, sales force trainng, all-company customer relations and sales optimization,  key-customer strategy discussions ... even visits to your customer's site.


Take advantage of my more than 40 years in Engineering, Sales and Hands-On Process Analysis ... Across Europe and the USA.



Educating Your Customers is King!

All Else is Just Pushing on a String.

The Optimal Form

Of Professional and Profitable Sales

Is Delivering Honest, Impartial and Empathic Education

To Every Suspect,  Every Prospect and  Every Customer

And To Do It Well at Lower Cost and Higher Profit


I Will Help You and Your Company, Division or Team to:

Re-Educate, Teach and  Reward ... All of Your People

To Intuitively Recognize, Evaluate,  Prioritize and ACT!

Not Just Your Dedicated Sales Force - But Them Too!

Free Pro Bono Consultation for Owners and CEOs

Know the difference between Sociopathic Peddling and Professional Sales ... and why using or hiring peddlers is hurting your business!


Hint: Peddlers Push Product ... Professional Sales People Solve Problems and Customers Insist on Paying Well for Your Valuable Services and Products!

95% Of What You Think Is "SALES" ... Is Something Else!

All of Your People can learn to Listen Strategically!

Only 5% is actually SALES!

Even Within a Dedicated Sales Group!

Tip 1: LISTEN for the "Hidden No!"

Tip 2: Solve the Problem!

This means you can use a much better STRATEGY to improve your business, because everyone in your company will enjoy learning and helping with the "Non-Sales" 95% .. by Listening and Responding Strategically.

You can save a ton of money and realize lower costs and higher profits while makng everyone,  including Your Prospects and Customers ... HAPPIER!

To set up a FREE Initial Pro Bono Confidential Overview Discussion ... Email Me!

Specific Strategy Advice: By Phone: $50 Per Hour.

Conducting Strategically Is Far Easier and a Lot More Fun and Effective Than "Managing"

Even in the Overbearing Shadow of a Global Corporation, Your Bottom Line Rises Appreciably once You Train and Nurture Your Staff, and then All of Your People, in the Fun Science of "Non-Selling"!


Affordable Strategy and Tactics Support for Owners and C-Level Executives Across the USA

Former Hi Tech Field Engineer and VP of Sales & Marketing in Europe and USA (for 40+ Years) now offers Confidential and Helpful Phone Support for USA Owners and CEOs  at only $50 Per Hour ... Initial Phone Consultation is Free.  To arrange, send email to:





Upcoming Paper: How MacroEconomics "Steer" Business Operations and Influence Success.

Auto "SALES" Example:

In the USA, Vehicles in most Price Categories ...

Are Marketed ... But NOT Sold!

For the Most Part, They are Purchased ...

... IN SPITE OF the "SALES" People.


Bottom Line:

To Create Profitable Customers, Education and Candor are King ...

... All Else is Just Pushing on a String!

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Maximizing Your Sustainable Profit Over Time!

Believe It - Or Not! The easiest and least expensive way to lift your profits today ... and in the future ... is to teach and encourage all of you people to do what we all do naturally in our personal lives ... every day! Sell Without Selling!

This Site is dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS!

Bottom Line: I help you Educate and Encourage ALL Of Your People to work together to Acquire, Support and Keep ... PROFITABLE CUSTOMERS! By actually spending LESS on SALES!

PREMISE! Over half the money you spend on your "Selling-Only-5%-of-the-time" Dedicated Sales Force is WASTED!

Bottom Line: Redirect your current "Sales and Marketing" monies where they will do the most good!

Once a significant portion of your existing budget is re-directed across your company ...REVENUE RISES!

A now-proven way to Increase Your Revenue, Margins and Profit - while actually spending LESS money ... Is to EDUCATE ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE In How To Interface Openly and Empathically With Prospects and Customers ... Then Reward Everyone for doing it Consistently and Well!


Is "Honest Sales" an Oxymoron?

Your Personal Advisor Explains ...

This is a DIFFERENT type of Educational Site; although it is all about Sales and Marketing, it is NOT TYPICAL.

To get started, you might find it of benefit to spend some time with my unusual and unique "Sales" Types Chart (Far-Right Page Tab Above)

My copyrighted chart, and this entire site, and my readable and downloadable books, are wholly different from the run-of-the-mill pablum and "Sales" B.S. out there!

A Key Bottom-Line Benefit for Owners and CEOs

And all "Non-Sales" Professionals

I can show you how to spend about 50% LESS on your dedicated sales force, then use just a FRACTION of your savings to better-educate and better-motivate ALL of your people! This will yield more profitable sales, happier people, customers who support you  ... and ...

More Profits !


John can show you and your people ...How To:

Sell more with fewer people.

Increase your bottom line by down-sizing and re-training your sales force

Sales are of NO Value ... unless they are profitable

How do keep good customers by training your "Non-Sales" People how to help them

How to turn good prospects into profitable customers.

Save valuable time for profitable customers.

Fire some of your customers


How can that be?

Hint: I can not even begin to tell you how much Company Money,  and Expensive Sales Time, is wasted every day across the USA by expensive, dedicated Sales Team Efforts that "LAND" new customers ... which later turn out to be NOT PROFITABLE!

Why is that? More when we communicate as Consigliere and Client!

Or ... Feel Free go to the "My Handbooks" page and spend $10 to download a copy of: Higher Margins from Amazon Books; it is all in there.

Make a Comment, ask a Question

Schedule a Free Initial Phone Consultation



Your Own Personal Business-Strategy Advisor & Mentor

My Mission: Support CEOs & Owners across the USA

My Goal: Help you and your people to enhance your Operations, Sales and Profits by focusing on Aquiriing and Keeping Profitable Customers!

My Background: Field Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Strategy Consulting with and for firms small and large across Europe and the USA.

Leadership Style: Developing, Training and Mentoring Customer-Focused Sales and "Non-Sales" Support Teams for over three Decades.

Most-Recent W2 Leadership Positon: Regional VP for an $800M NYSE-listed Hi-Tech Mfg. Firm, Supporting demanding OEM Customers.

Business-Strategy Consultant: 16 Years beginning in 2002

Pro Bono Work: Initial email and phone consultations are FREE.

Email your comment or question to:

Automatic Non-Disclosure: All client correspondence and communications are confidentail and private!

Take Away: Life "At The Top", while both fun and rewarding,  can also be lonely and challenging.

Why "Go Outside"? For timely objectivity & my knowledge from decades of experience at many firms like yours.

BOTTOM LINE VALUE FOR YOU: Unbiased Advice that is timely, viable and cost effective.

The True Worth of a Personal "Consigliere": Is in having an experienced, intelligent and trusted companion - one who is a supportive and mindful "Sounding Board" - i.e. an Objective and Empathic Advisor and Mentor who knows of what he speaks!

Again: My personal Non-Disclosure: I never  discuss client business with anyone!  Period. THE ONLY EXCEPTION is when you request that I share your  specific information with a specific person  or entity  WHOM YOU DESIGNATE IN WRITING!

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